intellectual property management in greece

Vicky Kosti


Vicky, a qualified European Patent Attorney, has an educational background in Biology (BSc), Biotechnology (MSc) and European Studies (MSc), while in 2012 she completed her LL.M studies in Intellectual Property Law and Management at CEIPI, University of Strasburg. Very early in her professional career she joined the Greek Patent Office as a patent examiner and patent information specialist. During this time, she followed extensive training at the European Patent Office and acquired her patent searching and examination skills. In January 2018, Vicky joined the Medical School, University of Birmingham as a Technology Transfer Officer. In the meantime, she completed a full training as a European Patent Attorney (patent drafting and prosecution) and successfully passed the European Qualifying Examination. Vicky has more than 16 years of experience in IP and patent related services.

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