A trademark is what distinguishes you and your products/services from those of your competitors. A strong trademark makes you stand out and contributes to your gaining an important part of the market. Trademarks can be national or international.

National trademark registrations have limited effect (in the country the right of use is granted). EU trademark registrations (EUTM) have an extensive effect in all member states of the EU. The Madrid Protocol allows for international registration of trademarks and provides direct and simultaneous protection in multiple countries.

Our services include:

• Advising on your choice of trademarks, their distinctiveness and registrability
• Managing international portfolios
• Searches, investigations and strategic advice on filing
• Preparing, filing and prosecuting national, EU or international trade mark applications
• Renewals of trademarks
• Handling procedure (opposition, cancellation and appeal)
• Licensing (negotiation and drafting of license contracts)
• Advising on strategies following infringement of trademark rights
• Trademark litigation through our network of specialised lawyers

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