April 9, 2020

“Corona Virus and Scientific Labs” an article by Dr. Dimitris Kouzelis

Practically all Biotech and Medical Technology labs are working intensively in one or another way on saving a part of the world population from the pandemic. Some biotech laboratories are ambitiously looking for a new vaccine which would save thousands of lives and trillions of further economic damage inflicted by the pandemic. Others are working on the most appropriate medication, e.g. for treating patients with underlying cardio-vascular issues. Many labs are trying various tests, whilst others are working on protection masks, ventilators, sterilizers etc.Almost every day we hear teams “achieving” new goals. Most researchers coming from University environments are too talkative and give away too early, too useful information. This way they deprive their country, their scientific community, their lab, themselves even, from the opportunity to patent first and publish afterwards. An information which becomes public can be used by anyone.  Any other lab, public or private, with better means, with higher experience can build on this information and bring earlier in the market e.g. a therapy. This will be absolutely legal and no prior rights can be recovered afterwards.For this reason Intel-Lex repeats and insists: file a patent application first, talk or publish later.PS. Corporate labs never allow their scientific staff to express themselves in public before patenting. Do they know something?