October 11, 2020

The Biggest Award for Patent Infringement

On 5th of October Cisco Systems was ordered to pay up to 3,3 billion in damages in a patent infringement case filed by Centripetal Networks, a security-software company based in Herndon, Va.

The US Judge found that Cisco violated four patents belonging to Centripetal related to technology designed to apply massively scaled intelligence to proactively defend internet connected networks.

The judge awarded damages of $755.8 million, multiplied by 2.5 times for “willful infringement” and $13.7 millions of interests, for total past damages of $1.9 billion. The court also awarded a royalty of 10% on the apportioned sales of the products in question and their successors for a period of three years, followed by a second three-year term with a running royalty of 5% on such sales. These royalties represent more than 1 billion, consequently the damages award of approximately 3 billions UD$ is (to our knowledge) the largest award of any patent case to date.

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