September 18, 2023

A Landmark Decision Recognising Pattent Attorneys in Greece

In a landmark decision, a court in Greece has just recognized the pivotal role of European Patent Attorneys (EPAs) in providing expert opinions on patent matters. This historic decision emerged from a case in Athens, where initially, two generalist Mechanical Engineers were nominated to offer their expertise on patent issues. However, we strongly contested this nomination, pointing out the essential need for individuals with specific intellectual property (IP) experience. We argued that assessing the validity of a patent involves specific concepts such as novelty, inventive step, clarity, priority rights, and more, which only qualified European Patent Attorneys are equipped to evaluate.

Remarkably, the court fully endorsed our perspective and admitted the role of a European Patent Attorney. In this groundbreaking ruling, the court established that only EPAs possess the requisite qualifications to render expert opinions on IP matters. As a result, the court has ordered the nomination of two European Patent Attorneys, marking a significant shift in recognizing the expertise and specialized knowledge necessary for handling patent-related issues in Greece.

This decision represents a major step forward in safeguarding the integrity and accuracy of patent matters in Greece.

You can find the full document here.