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Dr. Angeliki (Gelly) Dalkafouki


In her 27 years as patent examiner at the European Patent Office, Gelly did prior art searches and substantive examinations in more than 2.000 patent applications in Organic Chemistry. She granted several hundreds of patents. In addition, she developed a very important activity in classification of patent documents, as she cooperated actively with US and JP examiners in a trilateral project (EP, US, JP) which resulted in the first ever joint classification scheme.

Qualifications and Education

Born in Athens, Gelly studied Chemistry at the National University of Athens (1979-1984), continued with a Master’s Degree (DEA) in Organic Synthesis at the University Paris XI, France (1985-1986) and completed her academic career with a PhD in Organic Synthesis at the Pharmaceutical University of Paris XI, France (1986-1990).
Gelly is fluent in French, English and Greek and in addition has large working experience in German and Dutch.